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About Me

About Me

I'm a Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Greetings! It is my pleasure to meet you. My passion is empowering patients like yourself to transform your health and wellbeing through positive lifestyle changes. Drawing on the latest scientific evidence, my holistic approach addresses the whole person to prevent and even reverse chronic disease. By working together to customize a plan for nutrition, physical activity, stress management and other areas uniquely suited to you, I am committed to helping you thrive in body, mind and spirit. I look forward to learning about your health goals and being your partner on the journey towards a fulfilling, vibrant life. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions. I am eager to support you however I can on the path ahead!

Dr. Sunil Kumar

MBBS MRCA (London) FCAI (Dublin) FRSA (London)


Take Control: Unlock Your Health Potential with Lifestyle Medicine

As your personal health coach, I empower patients to take control and unlock their full health potential through positive lifestyle changes.

I’ve dedicated my career to lifestyle medicine because I believe optimal health starts from within. Drawing on the latest scientific evidence, we’ll develop a customized wellness plan based on your unique needs and goals across nutrition, physical activity, stress management and more.

My holistic approach considers your whole self – body, mind and spirit – to help you prevent or treat chronic diseases, restore vitality, and thrive in work and life. Partner with me to discover the power you have to transform your health one positive choice at a time. The journey begins here.

I’m trained in the latest evidence-based practices to help people prevent and treat chronic diseases through lifestyle changes. I take a holistic approach to care, considering your values, mindset, and social context to develop a unique plan tailored to you.

Health Your Way

At the core of vibrant health is you and your unique lifestyle. As a specialist in lifestyle medicine, I’m passionate about collaborating with patients to help them make sustainable changes tailored to their needs and values.

Rather than taking a one-size-fits all approach, we’ll explore how adjustments across sleep, activity, nutrition and environment can work synergistically to help you feel your best in body, mind and spirit.

By teaching lifestyle medicine skills and co-creating a personalized plan, I’ll provide the expertise and support for you to take control on your health journey. With consistency and self-compassion, these positive habits can transform into optimal wellness that energizes your whole life.

I’m excited to partner with you in reimagining healthy living so you can thrive each day with improved resilience, balance and joy. The first step begins when you’re ready. This is your journey – let me walk beside you.

From Personal Journey to Passionate Purpose

After transforming my own health, I realized knowledge is power when it comes to sustainable wellness. Over the last three years, living a healthy lifestyle has empowered me to lose weight, reverse chronic conditions and thrive in work and life. I've also mentored family and friends to achieve similar breakthroughs. These personal experiences sparked a passionate purpose - to empower others on their unique health journey through lifestyle medicine. By combining evidence-based practices with individualized guidance, I help patients make positive changes rooted in their values for lifelong results. Whether you want to lose weight, prevent illness or better manage a chronic condition, I'm here to educate, support and partner with you each step of the way. My own story has shown me that small, sustainable changes really do transform lives. I can't wait to learn about your health goals and leverage the power of lifestyle to help you realize your full wellness potential. Your vibrant future starts here!

You've Got the Power - Now Let it Shine

I believe that optimal health starts from within you. My role is to provide the support, resources and expert guidance to help unlock your full potential. Rather than quick fixes, together we'll co-create realistic action plans tailored to your needs and values for sustainable change. I'm here to simplify the complex, translate the latest research, and collaborate with you each step of the way. By building partnership through compassionate coaching and accountability, I'll empower you with the knowledge to take the reins on your unique health journey. I've seen firsthand how small, positive lifestyle adjustments can transform people's lives and health outcomes through improved resilience and vitality. I'm confident that by working together, we can help you achieve your goals too - whether that’s losing weight, boosting energy, better managing a health condition or optimizing wellness. If you're ready to discover what's possible, contact me today for a free consultation. This is all about your health on your terms. Let's get started!


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